Going beyond with David Perkins. #PZSF (at Lick-Wilmerding High School)

I would almost always rather be talking to my students than doing all the other things involved in being a teacher—grading work, submitting grades, purchasing materials, emailing, organizing, meeting, following up with the school district, etc.

Spending my Saturday learning through making with a bunch of awesome educators. @artiseducation #ILSP (at Creative Arts Charter School)

I’m out the door by 6:00 AM every day. So I usually get dressed in the dark, and it’s like a fun game of chance.

The novelty of a teaching artist is a powerful tool. Students are excited to see you, it’s a special part of their day. As an art teacher, I’m there every day, just another part of the school day. I guess it’s bound to be less exciting for kids some days.