Today, during lunch, a kid just came in the studio and started drawing. Success!


Earn Your Sleep

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Just a little Sunday evening bookbinding.

QuestionDoes NPR ever offer positions to highschool students? Answer


No. Here’s my advice for you, if you’re in high school: Don’t worry about your job or career at this point. Try as many things as possible. If you want to make radio, make radio. If you want to join a band, join a band. Be curious, be open, don’t be locked in. Take a job to make some money — I’ve had a job since I was 15 — but don’t worry about what it is. I worked in a swim club and read books for a summer, I tutored people in writing, I repaired books in a library. They were interesting and taught me different things.

There’s enough time to think about this stuff later. Life is not a resume; a resume is not a life. 

When a machine learning algorithm studied fine art paintings, it saw things art historians missed.